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Welcome Email Sequence Mini-Course (sell your Evergreen Course on Autopilot)

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Welcome Email Sequence Mini-Course Description


This is a digital download. You will NOT receive a physical product.


Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a link to download the mini course as a PDF.

Please contact hello@copybento if you have any issues downloading.

Refund and Returns

Due to the nature of it being a digital download all sales are final. If you have any questions or need help accessing your content, just email me at


Learn how to introduce and sell your evergreen course on autopilot to every single new subscriber in your welcome sequence. You'll build your brand story, showcase your values, and repel less than ideal clients,

You will learn how to build momentum and trust so that you can segue into a sell naturally.

This mini course includes a six email welcome sequence with behind-the-scenes comments, a special “flow” diagram, and time-saving 21 bonus email copywriting tips.

The people most likely to buy from you are the ones who just signed up

Turns out, new leads are most engaged within 48 hours of subscribing. This is why every single business needs a Welcome Sequence.

What is a Welcome Email Sequence?

A critical piece of your marketing puzzle, a welcome email sequence is a series of 3-10 emails that automatically get sent out to a brand new subscriber of your email list.

Traditionally, a welcome sequence acts as a sort of “tour guide” to your business and you as a person.

Each email includes “Behind-the-Scenes” comments that’ll help you see what’s actually happening in every email.

Think of it as a narrator, walking you through and dissecting paragraphs and sentences at a time. You’ll get insight that would have taken you dozens of courses and months of writing and research to figure out. 

This mini course is delievered as a 34-page PDF (no audio or video)

It was made for those who don't have much patience or time to sit through video or audio recordings.

What's included?

  • Six Email Sequence


    Includes a beautifully designed six email sequence, goals, subject line and preview text suggestions, statistics, and pro-notes that give you advice on what you should be doing in each email

  • Limited Time Bonus


    This tip sheet is jam packed with value. I’ll even give you ideal word counts for the emails, subject lines, and preview text.

    This alone will shave off months of research.

  • Special Diagram


    See the flow, goals, emotions you want to evoke, call to actions, and even PS suggestions – all at a glance.

  • Debunking Myths Bonus


    See the most typical email marketing myths out there and find out why these myths are so wrong and so harmful. 

  • Learn "The Why"


    Learn the THE WHY of each email, and see first hand how trust is built from the ground up. Copy the structure, or write your own to make it uniquely you. 

  • Text-only Google doc


    In addition to the PDF, you’ll also get access to a text-only Google doc so you can easily copy and paste. 

Lifetime Access + Updates

  • You’ll enjoy this mini course if you…

    Are not into fluff and you don’t have time for 10 modules

    ✅ Prefer SHORT courses that you can devour within an hour

    ✅ Have an evergreen offer and want to sell it to all new subscribers

    Want to update and improve upon your existing welcome sequence

    Have never written a welcome sequence

    Want the flexibility of using a template or just want the knowledge so you can write it yourself

  • This mini course is NOT a good fit if…

    ❌ You prefer a video or audio format. This class is delivered as a PDF (THERE IS NO AUDIO OR VIDEO FOR THIS MINI COURSE)

    ❌ You don’t have an evergreen offer and don't ever plan on offering one

    ❌ Writing in a light, peppy tone annoys you

    ❌ You know all there is to know about Welcome Sequences

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Your list and your relationship with that list will be one of the most important things you'll build in your business

So let's get started on your email marketing journey today.

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