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Stories that evoke emotion tend to be remembered

Ignite an emotional connection with your ideal clients with unstealable, uniquely-you messaging crafted around original stories only you can tell.

About 15 years ago, I went into a Tokyo bookstore and saw a graphic novel whose marketing was...

"This book will make you cry."

I picked up the book and didn’t even make it past the second page before I started choking up 😭

It made such an impact that I remember it, even after all these years.

When someone reaches your website, I want them to have an emotional experience.

Because when they do, they’ll take action. They’ll share it. They’ll remember it. And I'm not kidding when I say, they'll be excited to pay for it.

People connect through shared emotion, and when you strike a chord just right, those folks will be your best clients and greatest advocates.

Because here's the thing...

Information-only websites are a thing of the past.

And don't get me wrong. Your site doesn't need to be the prettiest, craziest, or funniest -- it just needs to look decent, flow smoothly, and most of all, connect emotionally.

And guess what?

Stories are the bridge to a lasting connection.

Using your stories and your clients’ stories as the foundation of your messaging, we’ll develop strategic, personality-packed, emotional copy that resonates with the right people and converts them into clients you genuinely love working with.


If you want to learn more about my process and see if we're a good fit, don't hesitate to reach out.


If you're not ready to dive in but want to stay in touch... might love my story-based slice-of-life emails (loved by fellow copywriters).

The goal of my emails is to be a bright spot of sunshine in your inbox while teaching you copywriting lessons you'll actually remember🌞📧

  • Allegra Cook

    "I seriously love your bento-box-inspired copy tips. So clever and helpful!"

  • Lisa Aihara

    "LOVEDDDD this message!"

  • John Bejakovic

    "I'm a pretty cold and heartless guy, but this is a super cute story."

  • Sarah Stricker

    "I know I gush over your emails occasionally, but come on. THIS IS SO AUTHENTIC AND RELATABLE. Love this."

  • Melissa Russell

    "That was GENIUS!! The story was so good. I learned a life lesson AND a business lesson all rolled into one fascinating email."

  • Jenn Jouhseik

    Another fun read!!!"

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