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Super Easy Bio Builder

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Super Easy Bio Builder


This is a digital download. You will NOT receive a physical product.


Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a link to download the mini course as a PDF.

Please contact hello@copybento if you have any issues downloading.

Refund and Returns

Due to the nature of it being a digital download all sales are final. If you have any questions or need help accessing your content, just email me at


Learn how to write a stellar 100-word bio in 25 minutes or less! In the Super Easy Bio Builder, you’ll learn the anatomy of a simple yet strong and informative bio that sets you apart from your competitors. I will take you step-by-step on how to gather information, put it all together, and edit like a pro. You’ll no longer have to wonder, “Is my bio any good?” because after you read this 21 page adorably designed guide, you will be confident that the answer is a big, fat YES.

Get a solid bio done in under 25 minutes. 

Copybento’s Super Easy Bio Builder was made for...

Entrepreneurs who want a short, easy-to-read and easy-to-write bio. Use it on your website, print collateral, when you’re a guest on a podcast, or for media. 

Learn the “anatomy” of a solid bio

Some people drone on and on in their bio. They include accomplishments like a resume, get overly wordy, and it's straight up boring. By using my bio formula, you'll expose exactly what you need to for credibility while leaving the reader naturally wanting to learn more about you. 

 The Super Easy Bio Builder is delivered as a 21-page PDF (no audio or video)

This Super Easy Bio Builder includes…

  • Bio Bento

    Cute diagram that'll show you what a 100-word bio looks like at a glance. This diagram is extra cute.

  • My 5-step process

    My proprietary 5-step process on creating a bio from scratch to finish in 25 min or less

  • Three Examples

    Copybento loves examples. One of the examples is a bio for Sailor Moon!

  • Step-by-Step Editing Process

    First drafts are crap. Editing is where the magic happens.

  • 5-Steps at-a-glance page

    You can screenshot this page so you can toggle back for easy reference if you're writing on mobile

  • Fill-outable worksheets

    Fill out your bio directly into the PDF. *On desktop only**

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Lifetime Access + Updates

  • You will enjoy this Bio Builder if you…

    1) Don’t want to waste time wondering if your bio is good

    2) Blabber on and on about yourself and want to stop

    3) Love adorably designed guides

    4) Need a solid bio within the next 25 minutes

  • This Bio Builder is NOT a good fit if you…

    1) Already have a good bio

    2) Want to write a loooong bio (this bio builder is is for 100 words)

    3) You report to someone that wants your bio to have a very specific structure

    4) You don’t like Sailor Moon

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