Imposter Syndrome Mini Book

I've collected 50+ ways to address imposter syndrome. This is not your usual fluffy stuff like, "Go for a walk, talk to a friend, look at what you've accomplished so far" generalized mumbo jumbo. This mini book includes


Business Tarot Card Reading

Most Tarot Card readers focus on love and fortune, but my readings are strictly about business and life.

It helps me during moments of imposter syndrome, not knowing if I’m on the right track, or whenever I feel confused or frustrated. It can do the same for you.

This is NOT fortune telling. I repeat, NOT FORTUNE TELLING.

The structure of the cards shines a magnifying glass on various parts of our business, from our mindset, to outside, to the stories we tell ourselves.

A good reading will allow you see what's going on deep down inside so you can be more objective and make conscious decisions, quickly.

It’s emotional, meditative, and healing, and you will be able to reflect on your business like never before. 

Starts at $75 for an 11-card reading.