Honestly, it depends


It depends on your goals, what and how you're selling, whether you have time to DIY it, and whether you need a website at all.

Not every business needs a website

For example, an online service-based business like copywriting & designing can link to a portfolio or simple landing page to get jobs and build an email list.

Here are the characteristics of business owners who have come to me for help

🔸 Have been in business for at least 3 years

🔸 Usually don't have a copywriter on staff

🔸 Know the value of a well-written website and was happy to pay thousands

🔸 Don't have time to write because there's so much admin and other things to do

🔸 Have a biz that's going through exponential growth

So the long and short of it is, if you...

  • 📈

    have a proven product or service that's generating revenue

  • 🖖

    respect the amount of work it takes to write good copy

  • 💰

    can fund the project fairly easily

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...you're probably ready to hire a pro.

(Otherwise, you're better off DIYing it for now)

So you've diligently read the above and ready to take a leap to hire a copywriter? Well then...

Here's where I swoosh in from the right to promote my website services 🦅

I am in the business of making your web copy intrigue visitors, give your email list a big ol' boost, and sell for you 24/7

Because that's what a website SHOULD do.

Hey there, I'm Cin, and I specialize in researched-backed, honest copywriting in the coaching, wedding, branding, and health & wellness space.


I can help you...

  • Increase your email subscribers

  • Sell on the regular

  • Connect with your prospects, right off the bat

  • Showcase your expertise in a way that benefits your audience

  • Evoke real emotions

  • Generate and qualify leads

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🦅 Here's where I swoosh in from the left to tell you that it's totally possible

If you have a proven product or service, a professionally written website can make a big difference to your bottom line

So if this all sounds right up your alley...

It's time to pick your bento ✨

Everyone needs different amounts of copy. That's why in classic Copybento fashion, you can pick and choose what you need.

  • Bento Deluxe


    8 pages




    5 additional pages


    Starts at $7200

  • Perfect Bento


    5 pages




    2 additional pages


    Starts at $5000

  • Mini Bento


    3 pages



    1 additional page


    Starts at $3600

Every project begins with a free consultation

A quick 15 minute chat to see if we're a match made in bento heaven.


Tried and True Process

Typical timeline: 6-8 weeks

  • #1 Discovery


    Comprehensive interview where I learn all about YOU. Tell me your goals, struggles, frustrations, likes and dislikes, pain points, and more.

  • #2 Voice-of-Customer Research


    Up to 3 one-on-one interviews with your best clients (the type you want to get more of).

  • #3 Data Mining

    Check for any online reviews, past and current customer feedback, past emails/social posts with high engagement.

  • #4 Competitor Research


    To see what others in the industry are doing so we can figure out where there might be holes and how you can differentiate.

  • #5 Branded Wireframe


    You'll see my recommendation on how the page should be structured. It'll help you see the flow.

  • #6 Copy Delivery


    We'll hop on a call so I can walk you through the copy. Two rounds of revisions included to make sure you're happy with the final outcome.

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Industries I've written for...

  • Coaching

  • Branding + Design

  • Wedding

  • Crypto

  • Health + Wellness

  • Ecommerce

Your website has incredible potential to make your life easier

But think about whether you truly need it before making a decision. If that decision has been thoughtfully made, you can contact me here to get started.